The Catholic Parish Cemeteries Association
Diocese of Pittsburgh

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

In the spirit of maintaining the sacred nature and dignity of the Catholic cemetery,
the following will be enforced.   We ask for your understanding.


  • Planting in approved planting bed up to one foot in front of memorial.
  • Artificial flowers:
    • in approved permanent vase
    • in approved planting bed
    • on an upright memorial
  • Christmas decorations from first Sunday of Advent to February 28.
  • Easter decorations from the first Sunday of Lent through Ascension Thursday.
  • Other holiday decorations such as Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and All Souls Day.
  • Approved vigil lights.

Not Permitted:

  • Planting or decorating during the general cemetery cleanup period of March 1 - March 31.
  • Any shrubs, trees, or bushes.
  • Anything that presents a safety hazard such as: borders, marble chips, fencing, wire, toys, glass.
  • Flowers or objects that are unsightly or detract from the spiritual setting of a Catholic cemetery.
  • Pets, trail vehicles, littering, loitering.
  • Regrettably, we cannot be responsible for anything placed at the grave or crypt site.

Thank you for your cooperation.
The Catholic Parish Cemeteries Association Diocese of Pittsburgh