Ground Burial

For those families who prefer traditional ground burial, CPCA offers everything that would be required to complete a ground burial package.


CPCA offers families a choice of selecting crypt spaces located within a Community Mausoleum Chapel or the option of purchasing a private mausoleum that is custom built and designed by each individual family.

Lettering & Maintenance Services

One of the most essential services that CPCA offers its families is cemetery lettering. When the death of a loved one occurs, family members are often unaware that CPCA can provide the year of death, and any additional lettering on a family monument or marker that may be needed.


In addition to the more traditional burial options, CPCA also offers products relating to Cremation such as Niche spaces located in many of our Community Mausoleums, Cremation Urns made of Bronze or Solid Wood, and bronze emblems and vases for cremation memorialization.