COVID-19 Updates

Procedure Change - 11/23/20

Catholic Parish Cemeteries Association is committed to serving our parish families.  Considering recent events relating to COVID-19 we are implementing some changes to our burial procedures. The health and safety of our employees, their families and the communities we serve is priority.  The Catholic Parish Cemeteries Association is administering the following changes to our burial procedures:

Effective Tuesday - November 24, 2020, the following procedural changes are being implemented for all parish cemeteries within the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

  • CPCA will be opening the parish cemetery chapels for parish cemetery services. Based on the Directing Mitigation Measures mandated by Governor Wolf and the PA Department of Health for Events and Gatherings we are limited to the number of funeral attendees for chapel services.  Please contact our Regional Offices for more information regarding the occupancy limitations. Graveside services are also available.
  • All those in attendance must wear face masks and practice the six feet social distancing.
  • The occupancy limit for an outside graveside service is 50 people.  
  • For the safety of our employees, actual Interments and Entombments will not take place until the committal service is complete and attendees have departed.
  • CDC Guidelines for Masks and Social Distancing are to be observed at all times by all in attendance regardless of where the committal takes place

COVID-19 Burials / Entombments
  • Mausoleum Entombment – Committal to take place outside the mausoleum.  Casket will then be wrapped with standard mausoleum protection prior to entering the building.  Once entombment complete family may enter the mausoleum. 
  • Committal Services for in-ground burials will be limited to graveside services only.  
  • Ground Burial – Committal prayers may be conducted at roadside.  Attendees will then be asked to remain and witness from their cars during the burial process.  Once burial has been completed family may proceed to the gravesite if desired.
We understand that these are very difficult and challenging times and ask that everyone please adhere to our policy for the health and safety of all concerned.

Veteran Flag Placement

For many years very dedicated organizations have been placing veteran flags at the gravesites of veterans for Memorial Day in our parish cemeteries.  Unfortunately, due to this unprecedented time with COVID-19 CPCA has been notified by some of the organizations that they may not be able to place the veteran flags this year. 

CPCA has placed veteran flags and flag holders at each of our Regional Offices.  They are available for family members to pick up and place on their loved one’s gravesite. 

If you would like to pick up a flag, please stop at one our offices to pick up.  If you need a flag holder please contact our office and they will locate the holder you need and let you know when it is ready for pick-up.